Most months I go to MathsJam, and most years I’m at the annual MathsJam weekend, and so I have a healthy love of recreational mathematics. This is some of the nonsense which has come from that.

In 2012, I helped design and build a computer made of dominoes with Matt Parker and Katie Steckles, and over the years also got involved in the MegaMenger project, and most recently Menace, a machine-learning noughts-and-crosses device made out of matchboxes and beads.


I am a big fan of the Mandelbrot Set, and have built this tool so that you can explore it (inlined below), and written this article about how to find π in there (which uses my exploring gadget).

If you are a fan of maths nonsense, you should also check out my Stupid Formulæ page.

I have also built a gadget for playing with Koch snowflake curves and one which generates Sierpinski gaskets from random patterns of dots.

Electoral Maths

During the 2011 referendum on the Alternative Vote, I got quite interested in the maths of voting systems. I wrote this blog post about the rather silly idea that “AV can elect the loser”, and this for the Aperiodical relating the nonsense of voting systems to the nonsense of ThinkMaths’ Grime Dice, which eventually became an item on BBC Radio 4’s Material World.

Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension

I produced some of the ‘DVD extras’ for Matt Parker’s book Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension, and wrote this article explaining more about them.

I do seem to have become Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s tamed programmer. For example, I made these alternative subtitles for their DVD.

The Polygonal Number Checker is the best part.

Conway’s Game of Life

I once built an infinitely large version of Conway’s Game of Life. It’s a little glitchy, but it mostly works.