In 2014, Matt Parker and Laura Taalman ran the the MegaMenger project, with the aim of building a giant Menger sponge from card.

I built some of the Manchester build, as well as the image gallery for the project, which may be the world’s first 2.7D website.

Stupid Formulæ

Stupid Formulæ

I get frustrated by the stupid formulæ used by marketing companies to generate nonsense ‘news’ reports about their clients’ products. So I did some research.

The Fish Exist logo


A look at the silly Twitter accounts I have programmed my Pi to run, and the logic behind them (such as it is).

A still from Monsters


A selection of daft browser games I have made, including a 3D sudoku, a block-matching game for a wedding, and a wholly-original AR monster-catching game (which sadly only works in Chrome for Android).

Manchester Skeptics logo

Greater Manchester Skeptics Society

I am a long-time member of the Greater Manchester Skeptics Society, and I also built their website, based on the logo design by policial cartoonist Polyp.

A map of Manchester

Cycle Map of Manchester

TfGM’s online cycle maps of Manchester doesn’t support GPS and isn’t super easy to use, so I made my own wrapper around it.

A QR code on the command line

Command-line Apps

A few command-line apps I built, mostly for myself.

A life drawing


I also have a page of drawings I've done in case you're interested. (Contains nudity.)

A Unicode character


Charm is a searchable version of the Unicode table. It is also available as an Android app.

Android UI
Matt Parker Speaking Binary

Matt Parker Speaks Binary

A conversation at Manchester MathsJam got badly out of hand, and so me, Will and Katie accidentally built this.