TV Guide

May 2018

6:30 Have I Got Have I Got News For You For You
Paul and the team take a sideways look at this week's Have I Got News For You.

7:00 Desert Island Desert Island Discs
This week, Clare Balding reveals which episodes of Desert Island Discs she would want on her desert island.

9:00 Not Not The Nine O'Clock News
News and headlines

9:30 Only Correct
The popular quiz show with all the wrong answers edited out

9:35 Philishave Gillette Soccer Saturday Tuesday
Analysis & reactions to this week's football coverage

10:00 The Nine O'Clock News At Ten
As 9:00

8:00 The Making Of…
Due to an administrative error, camera crews follow themselves around for two weeks chronicling the making of this documentary.

8:30 I ♥️ I ♥️ The 1980s
Your favourite celebrities reminisce about classic TV moments from "I ♥️ The 1980s".

10:30 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does 8 Out Of 10 Cats
Jimmy & the gang bring their irreverent humour to game show 8 Out Of 10 Cats.

11:30 Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Armistice
Confusingly pitched satire

12:00 Blackadder LXII
Science Officer Blackadder intercepts a strange distress signal

7:00 Gogglebox Live
The families comment on their own analysis of themselves.

7:30 Gogglebox Live Wipe
Using clips of Gogglebox Live, Charlie Brooker relives the last half hour.

8:30 Never Mind Never Mind The Full Stops
Miles Jupp tests the panellists' knowledge of panel games.

4:30 The Late, Late, Late, Late, Late, Late Show

5:30 The Early, Early Show

6:30 Harry Hill's Dream Burp
A whimsical round-up of the night's dreams

7:00 Hermits
Soap. Hannah stays indoors playing computer games, while James continues never to have met or spoken to her

8:30 Lazarus
DI Sara Oswald continues to struggle with the sexist customs of late 2015.

9:00 Under the Hammer
Host David Dickinson invites experts to smash guests' heirlooms with a hammer.

9:30 Marswatch
Bill Oddie patiently watches the Martian desert in case a ferret appears.

1:00 Good Morning Lazybones
Magazine show for people who overslept.

4:00 Oftenquest
Fantasy series set in a world exactly like ours.

4:30 Robot Diplomacy
Díotóir and Razer negotiate terms. Dead Metal chairs.

5:30 Salford
Spoof fly-on-the-wall about life at the BBC, made by ITV

5:30 Conan the Drawing
A group of children create a colourful character who does not come to life.

6:00 Ann Widdecombe Investigates: Spectre and Meltdown
Can Ann's trademark no-nonsense approach cut through the technical mumbo-jumbo and finally fix this subtle hardware vulnerability?

7:00 The Receptionist
Lord Sugar challenges the candidates to build a fax machine in an hour.

9:30 Inside No 11
Anthology series about concerned neighbours

10:00 Don't Tell The Corpse
A widower takes over the organisation of his wife’s funeral — without telling her the plans!

Midnight–5:30 Pages from Tinder

8:00 What Do You Think You Are?
Series charting celebrities' evolutionary origins. This week, Olivia Colman learns it was early primates.

9:00 The Secret Hundredaire
Cashier Emma Sands sits in on some board meetings, then asks for a raise.

9:30 How I Met Your Mother
Series 41, and events are getting harder to follow as present-day Ted's Alzheimer's sets in.

10:00 Marvel Defenders Dissemble
Iron Fist and Daredevil plan a rescue in unnecessary detail, while Luke and Jessica equivocate.

6:00 Dapper Maths
Ill-judged attempt to engage young people in mathematics

6:30 Property Ladder
Kirstie Allsopp values random homes by peering through upstairs windows

7:00 Emotionally Naked Attraction
Harrowing dating show

7:30 Britain's Next Prime Minister
Talent competition

8:00 Woodwind
Police procedural. This week, Leo Woodwind's clarinet skills help the FBI find the killer of a popular politician

9:00 A Second Look Inside
Surviving sister-show to cancelled reality series "A Look Inside". Nish Kumar imagines what contestants might have been doing

9:30 Love Is Blind
Series finale. Paul and Cara will finally be allowed to take off their blindfolds — but not until they say "I do".

10:00 So You Think You Can Fly
Another group of hopefuls flap their arms just as fast as they can.

9:00 Star Trek: Genesis
Kindly President-of-Earth Donald Trump is transported to the Mirror Universe and is shocked by what his counterpart is getting up to

10:00 Article 50
Civil servant & former BBC Head of Values Ian Fletcher attempts to deliver a Brexit that pleases everyone

7:00 Hecklevision
Another three men are challenged to do the jobs of women they meet at a party, which they reckon they'd be pretty good at.

8:00 Showy McShowface
Drama written entirely by internet polls. Following a Reddit campaign, Darren spends the whole episode saying "bum".

9:00 Countdown
An ominous red clock ticks down to… something

10:00 News
Last in the series.

10:25 Weather
Special episode featuring unaired clips from this year's weather forecasts.