On the uses of graphene

At the height of the Graphene craze

A drug delivery mechanism,
It can help stop terrorism,
Detecting contraband narcotics,
Solar panels and spintronics,
Making water safe to drink,
An ultra-highspeed wifi link.

Imaging to measure health,
Vodka that distills itself,
Magnets for the front of fridges,
Magnets you turn on with switches,
Awesome headphones, new cell membranes,
Making wings for next-gen airplanes.

Laptop chips and light detection,
Safe nuclear waste protection,
Helium balloons, crisp packets,
Andy Murray’s tennis rackets,
Exotic crystal manufacture,
It can heal itself from fractures.

Energetic light emission,
Bendy HD televisions,
Voltage nano-transformation,
Anti-cancer medication,
Batteries that last much longer,
Harder, better, faster, stronger.