Apathy Clan Comics

The Team17 Forums are host to a rather dismal affair called 'fan art', in which for the most part a cabal of morons post inept art. Some you have to forgive because they're about eight. Others you have to kick in the teeth because they're just not trying and whine about it being 'their style' when you point out that they palpably can't draw.

Meanwhile, the 'online community' (a euphamism for another cabal of morons this time armed with flags and prefixes) decided I couldn't play with them unless I was in a Clan. Therefore I founded the Apathy Clan (whence this whole site ultimately derives its name). Eventually, the two cabals merged and started making dismal clan-based comice. This was my rebellion.

Most of the comics aimed to please readers not by being well-drawn or making sense but by offering anyone a cameo who could be bothered to design a sigworm. A 'sigworm' is a customised worm character, where 'character' means 'has a name' and 'customised' means 'is a colour' or 'has a hat'.