About me


The Connecting Wall is a game from BBC4’s Only Connect game show. Their version requires Flash; mine is entirely CSS and JavaScript, so it should run on your telephone.

Gravity is a game not unlike Worms or Angry Birds. Two players take turns hurling missiles at each other. The twist is that the missiles must travel through (or round) a solar system, where each planet exerts its own gravitational pull.

3Doku is a 3D version of sudoku. (Well, OK, it is a 2D version of sudoku wrapped around a 4×4×4 cube.) Also available on Android.

4tris is a version of Connect 4 with added havoc caused by lines vanishing and forming combos.

Analogue Snake is the classic phone game Snake with all the right angles taken out.

Explore the Mandelbrot Set with the HTML5 canvas element.

Explore Koch snowflake curves with the HTML5 canvas element.

Charm lets you quickly find that Unicode symbol you were looking for, by typing a portion of its name. Charm is also available as an Android app.

Think MathsPixel Spreadsheet is a tool I helped create which turns a picture into an Excel spreadsheet, using conditional formatting so that when you zoom out you see the picture.

Check out my Android apps on the Google Play Store.

In October 2012, I helped Matt Parker build a computer entirely from dominoes. There's an explanatory video and worksheets at ThinkMaths..

@823years is a Twitterbot response to the various banal or insane ‘interesting facts about today’s date’ memes that spread periodically.