This Is A Hint That I Have Updated My Blog

The Metro has a semi-regular feature called “No Shit, Sherlock”, in which they rather snidely poke fun at scientists who have drawn conclusions which, at least when taken out of context, common sense would suggest were obvious. This is, of course, a rather foolish little section, because frequently scientists do research to check something obvious and discover it isn’t true. This is why we have to do this research: we can’t simply go arround presuming things, just because they’re obvious. That way madness lies.

Today that section was missing, leaving any readers in need of their daily fix of the patently obvious needing to read the actual articles. There’s a delightful one on page 9 about the director of Titanic, who has, impressively if true, found Jesus’ coffin.

Apparently it is engraved “Jesus, son of Joseph”, and while Jesus and Joseph weren’t particularly unusual names back then, there’s also one engraved with the Greek version of “Mary Magdalene” which apparently was the clincher. But there is a third coffin of interest in there. It is marked “Judah, son of Jesus”.

This, the film-maker claims in the Discovery Channel's programme, The Lost Tomb, is a hint that Jesus had a son.

No shit, Sherlock?

That or he had a fucking warped sense of humour. And really, if you can’t trust Jesus