I am a Manchester-based senior software developer, currently working for the BBC in MediaCityUK, in Salford Quays. I enjoy making Javascript do mathematics.

I have a PhD in dental image analysis, as well as a Master’s degree in Physics. I’ve helped design and build a computer made of ten thousand dominoes, and been described as “frighteningly anal” in the Guardian newspaper. I have sung La Marseillaise on Radio 4, been killed by the Torchwood writer who killed Ianto, and re-enacted a toothpaste advert at the Endinburgh Fringe.

I also draw, sing and tweet silly jokes. Sometimes I get cross about bad typography, nonsense in the media, or software frameworks that think themselves important enough to warrant my investing a whole week to learn them.

This is my personal website, which I mostly use as a home for my various little projects.