The Thingometer

This is a tool for visualising polling data by creating a chimeric Prime Minister, who is a weighted morph of the candidates. This version is built for the 2017 UK “snap” general election. The original was built for the 2015 election.

The Greens have two leaders, so their slider controls their overall vote share and the second controls which of their leaders to display: move it left for Jonathan Bartley and right for Caroline Lucas.

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Grab your Prime Minister as an image

While the 2015 Thingometer used Morpher.JS, the 2017 version is rebuilt from scratch, with a brand new morphing engine based on Three.js. This means it can now use WebGL to render your ghastly political hybrids. WebGL is about a hundred times faster than the software renderer used in 2015, so the polygon count has increased, as has the number of leaders involved and it now renders in near real-time. But I still use the interface from Morpher.JS, so I can still use Paweł’s editor.