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This is a game about Celtic knots. Celtic knots are a rich tradition, but for the sake of reducing them to a game mechanic you can think of them as ribbons which "bounce" off "walls" which you can add by clicking anywhere that the ribbons cross each other.

Twenty coloured pips are placed on the grid. (If you can't see colour then check the options screen for accessibility options.) The goal of the game is to reach a solution where all the red dots are on one ribbon, all the green dots are on another ribbon, and so on — and every ribbon has pips on it.

The same small grid, first with one ribbon with two blue and two green pips on it, and then with a wall added to break it into two ribbons. One ribbon has the blue pips and the other has the green ones.

Real puzzles will generally require 12-20 walls to solve. Don't be intimidated — start by picking a pip, and adding one or two walls to get it to another pip the same colour. Keep going until you've finished one ribbon, then do the next. You'll either solve the puzzle, or paint yourself into a corner, but at least you'll have somewhere to start from.

You should also check out my word-finding puzzle Cell Tower, and my more challenging 3D take on Sudoku, 3Doku.

Celtix © 2024 Andrew Taylor. Font is Montserrat.

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Pips are distinguished by colour, and completed ribbons are highlighted in that colour. Incomplete ribbons are pastel shades.

As default, but ribbons are highlighted when they contain only a single colour, even if you still need to link them together.

Pips are distinguished by number and shade of red. Incomplete ribbons are shades of blue. Complete ribbons are highlighted in shades of red.

Pips are distinguished by shape. Completed ribbons have a dashed line along them with smaller copies of the pip shape placed along them.

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