A largely unthemed crossword.


A crossword themed around music.

Only Connect

A crossword containing a Connecting Wall, the penultimate round from the BBC quiz show Only Connect. If you’re not familiar with the Connecting Wall then you can play one on the BBC website or on mine.


This crossword was made to coincide with the last episode of The Great British Bake-off before it moved to Channel 4.


The horsemeat scandal has been funny for at least three years and is showing no signs of stopping being funny, particularly for vegetarians. In this crossword, the grid entries are marred by the same issue.

Unfortunately they are also marred by being severely underchecked. It is not my finest work.

A Themed Crossword

This is a small crossword I wrote with my (then) partner Kathryn. To make things a little harder for ourselves, there is a theme running through it.