Ford Would Be in Big Trouble if Anyone Listened to Either Group

I heard through Pharyngula about Kieffe and Sons, a tiny little Ford dealership in California, have been running an advert saying “Since we all know that 86 out of every 100 of us are Christians, who believe in God, we at Kieffe & Sons Ford wonder why we don’t tell the other 14% to sit down and shut up.” Ford don’t seem to care, so there’s a little boycott on by atheists.

Which probably isn’t a major problem, but the AFA, which I think stands for the American Fundamentalist Assholes, are boycotting them too for “promoting a homosexual agenda”. So Ford are now basically selling to Muslims, Hindus and gay Christians.

The AFA say

Last fall, in a meeting with AFA, Ford agreed to stop funding the homosexual agenda. However, after a group of angry homosexual leaders met with Ford, the company reneged on its agreement and announced that they would continue their commitment to support the effort to legalize homosexual marriage. Ford even gave the homosexual groups a letter stating Ford's strong commitment to their cause. On a recent episode of CBS's Without A Trace, Ford proved to the homosexual leaders the company's commitment to their agenda. The Ford-sponsored program included a scene of two lesbians passionately kissing each other. To see what Ford sponsored, click here. (Warning! This scene is very offensive!)

You know, because we all know companies screen every episode of every show they sponsor and condone every scene therein – and because Without A Trace usually depicts nothing but good Christian behaviour like kidnapping people and killings and so forth. Personally, I clicked their link, and I was indeed shocked:

This is an enquiry e-mail via from: Andrew Taylor <> I was recently directed to your page about the Ford boycott: There was a link which promised me a video of "two lesbians passionately kissing". However, when I clicked this link, there was a server error, so I must ask: How can I see some hot girl-on-girl action?

I didn’t expect a reply, but I got one. And here it is, in its pointless entirety:

Watch as the world turns